Product benefits There are many good reasons for using our products. Strength and options. Point by point. Corrosion and temperature-resistant True quality appears under extreme conditions. Even when exposed to high temperatures and humidity, HELICOIL® thread inserts remain stable and reliable. Depending on the application, the thread inserts are made of different materials. Non-wearing Long-lasting. The high surface quality of the rolled thread made of austenitic chrome-nickel steel ensures a high-strength, wear-resistant thread with a constant, extremely low thread friction torque. Uniform load and stress distribution Uniform along the entire length of the screw. The elastic properties of the HELICOIL® thread insert allow uniform load and stress distribution. Screw locking No self-loosening. The thread technology and polygonal twist of the HELICOIL® Screwlock result in a high degree of frictional connection and therefore in a screw lock. Additional locking of the joint using split pins, wires or washers is not necessary. Reduced thread friction Less friction, more precision. For a torque-controlled screw tightening application, the screw pre-load force can be adjusted more precisely and the yield point of the screw utilised more efficiently. Downsizing Perfect for lightweight construction. HELICOIL® combines minimum space requirements and high strength. Thus, high-strength screws are also perfect for use in materials with low shear strength.

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Product Descriptions

Product benefits 

High - strength 


Corosio and temperature - resistant 

Easy to identify even affter insertion ( due colour ) 

Different versions for every requirment 

Various technical surface finishes available 

Assembly sytems , tools and products from a single source 

Availale eith imperial and in special